Today was a massive fail.

Got up in the actual morning. 9 am. What is this. DNW. Picked up like 598904 people with 20 lb instruments. Poor car. Drove to fucking Surrey, also DNW. Freaked out the whole way there that we were going to be late.

Turns out we weren't on until 12:30 anyways. Futzed around and were thankful to be out of high school. Realized 10 mins before going on stage our piano player was MIA. Called him, he was still in North Van, had forgotten. And all our music was Monk tunes. Monk with no pianist. FAIL.

Started without him. Concert was fulllll of lulz, I think we blew some minds. Pianist showed up second to last song, spent $80 on a cab there.

Then we wanted to go see Avatar on Imax in Langley but wanted food first so ended up doing an hour's worth of slapstick comedic trying to follow Cam's car around Surrey to find somewhere to eat. Ate, went to the theater. Fucking sold out FMMMMLLLLL. Then we all decided fuck it and went allllll the way home.

Arghhhhh. Planning fail.


Life is really scary and I have no idea what the hell I am doing. I wish there was some magic person to tell me exactly what to do. Choosing what you're going to do with the rest of your life is really scary when everything you love to do is going to end up putting you in the poorhouse it seems. How does anyone make a living in the arts anymore?

Just thinking about all this makes me so stressed I want to burst into tears. What am I doing!? Should I just forget it and go do something useful and job-guaranteed that I will be unsatisfied with for my whole life, or do I take the chance to be happy and risk losing... well, everything I haven't even had yet?
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I Hate My Life So Much.

I never want to see Finale ever again. I can't believe I'm actually taking composition lessons next semester. What is wrong with me.

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